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I retired a year and a half ago, and have been trying to adjust to a life without work.  I’ve been going around and around over wanting to do something meaningful and not wanting to get out of my comfort zone.

Two phone  consultations with Joanne, and she helped me break the cycle.  She understood what I was feeling, helped me see that the feelings weren’t likely to change unless I DID something about it.

Within an hour of hanging up the phone, I’d reached out to a local homeless shelter, and I’ll be attending their volunteer orientation next week.

This wouldn’t have happened without Ms. Mackie’s help, and I’m very grateful to her!

Steve D., S.D., CA

Ms. Mackie has been instrumental in helping me fulfill a dream I’ve had for a very long time – publishing a book that has been in the wings for 40-odd years. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to move forward, and she helped me recognize what was holding me back. I genuinely would not have finally published my book if she hadn’t been there for me. Thank you, Ms. Mackie.
I recommend that if you feel like you are stuck, call her. She was very supportive and understanding of me.
D. Harman

I run an architectural firm and was having huge difficulty with my architect which caused massive delays in work and loss of income for me. I asked Joanne for help communicating with my employee and she was able to show me that we were coming at the same project from opposing viewpoints. I was not able to keep him on board the project, but Joanne helped me communicate with him in such a way that we were able to iron out our problems in a way that was not damaging to my project.
I met with her in her office and we did phone sessions when I could not get away to see her. She pretty much rocks.


I entered counseling / coaching expecting some progress but Joanne Mackie has helped me become a whole person in ways I did not ever assume would be possible for me. I have been able to not only see my life better and differently, but feel it too. Developing methods of challenging and coping with my triggers has had a significant effect on my overall health and ability to simply be present and happy. She is also willing to work with you on a scale if you need it. If you are having trouble you are usually having trouble with money too and this has been a pretty great first step towards a better path.


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