Talking about your secrets.

It’s the human condition. We are ashamed of things that make us feel different. We don’t discuss our secrets because we don’t want anyone to know who we truly are, as if there were a norm we should adhere to. The ways in which we feel different from others, or are different from others, may seem to us to be secrets that must be kept. Many people find that their phobias, desires, or past experiences hinder their daily functioning. If you find that you are distressed or unable to function well because of the secrets you keep, reach out for help. A non-judgmental ear and frank discussion can help give you back power over your life. Secrets are a normal part of life, but they should not control you. Talk about it with a compassionate professional. Yes it’s work, but it’s work well worth doing.

Published by Joanne Mackie, LMHC, CCTP

Psychotherapist specializing in adults with trauma, anxiety, depression and distress due to difficulty in interpersonal relations.

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