Do I need this?

You: I’ve been feeling depressed…

Everyone you know: I know! Join the club!!

♥You: I’m really having problems with my husband/wife…

♥Everyone you know: S/he’s an IDIOT. Kick them to the curb!!!

You: I’ve done something I’m not proud of…

Everyone you know: What is wrong with you? Why would you do that? Are you crazy?

♦You: I am miserable at my job. It’s really getting to me.

♦Everyone: Oh, you think  you have it bad? Man, I REALLY hate MY job!! Let me tell you why…

Your problems seem so easily solvable from the outside according to just about everyone you talk to. It seems that the answer is obvious to all but you. Friends and family know exactly what you should do without listening to where you are and why things are getting so overwhelming. “Everyone is sad. Everyone is angry. You’re nothing special. Deal with it and move on.” Sound familiar? Feel familiar?

But here’s the thing –  you are special. You are unique, and your problems are not as easy to solve from the inside as they look from the outside. Many events worked together in your past to make you the person you are right now, and those events influence your actions and reactions. When something feels too complicated or overwhelming, that’s a genuine response that you should acknowledge. Things do get overwhelming. No one can go it alone or eat their emotions forever.

Sometimes a non-judgmental ear is key. Sometimes guidance is needed from someone who has no stake in this claim. If that sounds like exactly what you need right now, you need this.

Published by Joanne Mackie, LMHC, CCTP

Psychotherapist specializing in adults with trauma, anxiety, depression and distress due to difficulty in interpersonal relations.

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